Risk Assessment and Management

by on January 6, 2015
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Course Objectives: This course aims at acquainting participants with advanced risk assessment and management principles and introducing techniques that will help in identifying potential hazards in the workplace and reducing the risk involved.


Who should attend: Junior managers, engineers, supervisors and skilled technicians. All attendees should have a technical background and a good command of English.


Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Why bother about occupational safety?
    2. Basic concepts of safety and hazards


  1. Risk Management
    1. Hazard identification
    2. Risk assessment
    3. Risk control
    4. Continuous monitoring
    5. Risk management DVD


  1. Minimising risk due to communication failure
    1. Safety information systems
    2. Rules for writing procedures
    3. Workshop: Piper Alpha disaster


  1. Minimising risk due to design errors
    1. Human expectations, stereotyping, coupling, training
    2. Tools and equipment
    3. Workshop: Chernobyl disaster


  1. Minimising risk due to human errors
    1. Human reliability
    2. Human error scale
    3. Environmental effects
    4. Human factors checklists
    5. Workshop: Philips Texas Plant disaster


  1. Hazard Analysis
    1. Preliminary hazard analysis
    2. Fault tree analysis
    3. Workshop/Case study


  1. Management of hazardous substances
    1. Definitions and concepts
    2. Material safety data sheet


  1. Safety culture and risk assessment
    1. Safety culture

Safety is everybody’s responsibility