Principles of Occupational Health and Safety

by on January 6, 2015
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Course Objectives: This course aims at acquainting participants with the principles of occupational health and safety. Ultimately, this course aims at acquainting participants with practical techniques that will help them recognize hazards in the workplace in order to improve reliability and risk and accidents.


Who should attend: Junior managers, engineers, supervisors, technicians and skilled control and maintenance specialists. All attendees should have a technical background and/or technical experience and a fair to good command of English.




Lesson 1. Basic Concepts of Safety                                                    

  • Introduction
  • The concept of safety
  • The concept of hazard
  • Definitions and common terms


Lesson 2. Risk Management                                                                    

    • Hazard identification
    • Risk assessment
    • Risk control
    • Risk monitoring


Lesson 3.Human Reliability                                                                              


Lesson 4: Safety Analysis Techniques                                                

3.1 Job Safety Analysis

3.1 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis


Lesson 5. Industrial Pollution                                                                            

5-1 Air contamination

5-2 Noise

5-3 Radiation


Lesson 6. Manual Handling                                               

6-1 What is manual handling?

6-2 Relevant biological information

6-3 Issues to be considered in manual handling


Lesson 7. Mechanical Safety                                                                    

7-1 Machine guarding

7-2 Welding


Lesson 8. Electrical Safety                                                                        


Lesson 9. Chemical Safety                                                                        

    • Definitions and concepts
    • Hazardous substances management and storage
    • Material safety data sheet


Lesson 10. Fire Safety and Emergency Planning                              

    • Terms related to fire hazards
    • How fires start
    • Fire classes
    • How to prevent fires
    • How to extinguish small fires
    • How to evacuate a burning building
    • What to do if someone catches on fire
    • Emergency response planning
    • Documentary


Lesson 11. Personal Protective Equipment                                         

    • Hearing protection
    • Eye and face protection
    • Head protection
    • Respiratory protection
    • Hand protection
    • Foot protection
    • Body protection
    • Selection guidelines


Lesson 12. Road Safety                                                                              



Lesson 13. Safety Culture