Strategic Human Resource Management

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  • Course Highlights


  • Get a clear understanding of the critical areas of HR
  • Understand and be able to link up the HR total process
  • Have time to discuss your individual issues with our HR expert
  • Learning how to MOTIVATE the people they work with – and work with them for superior performance.
  • Choosing the LEADERSHIP STYLE that’s right in any given situation, and win commitment and cooperation from their staff.
  • Discover how to DELEGATE work and design their blueprint for productivity.
  • Sharpening their COMMUNICATION SKILLS and build better relationships with people at all levels.
  • Learning how to BUILD HUMAN CAPITAL in their organizations, and achieve business results through people.
  • Develop an Action Plan based on what you will learn in this workshop


  • Who Should Attend?


Human Resource Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors




Day 1


  1. Why Managing HR is so Important?


  1. An overview of HRM activities
  2. Corporate change, managing change, Managing in Times of Changing People
  3. Integrated HR strategies
  4. Human Resource Planning
  5. Competing in the Race for Talent
  6. What people Want
  7. What Employers Want
  8. HR Strategy for Competing in the Race for Talent


Day 2


  1. Is HR Management in Your Organization Strategic?
    1. Definition of Strategic HR management
    2. The Six Elements of Strategic HR Management
    3. Traditional vs. Strategic HR Management


  1. The Changing Nature of Human Resource Management
    1. A Model for Multiple Roles
    2. How Can These Roles be Introduced?
    3. HR Modern Roles and Business Results


  1. Recruiting and retaining employees
  2. Pay and Reward- Compensation and benefits
  3. Recruitment and selection
  4. Assessment and development centers


Day 3


  1. Aptitude tests
  2. psychometric profiling
  3. contracts and offers
  4. performance management and appraisal systems
  5. understanding the total role of training in the current age


Day 4


  1. The Future of HR
    1. Strategic HR Management Value Proposition
    2. Strategic HR Management Competencies
    3. Strategic HR Management Capabilities


Experiential Learning and Action Plan


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