Relationship Selling for Customer-Centric Corporations

by on January 6, 2015

Customers want to buy from someone who cares about their needs. Obtaining new customers and retaining present ones are the main challenges of salespeople. The latter must use the sale process in a strategic sequence: from planning, prospecting and the approach, to closing and follow up of customers through service for life! The objective of this workshop is to help participants develop and implement relationship selling strategies. In addition, this workshop pinpoints the skills needed to improve and sustain customer satisfaction and business relationships through Customer Relationship Management. This workshop follows a practical approach, as the participants are required to apply the theoretical concepts in case studies and actual settings. It prepares you to think and deal with full range of situations and to arrive at effective and ethical solutions.


Who should attend?


Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, CRM Managers, Sales Force, Human Resource Manager and staff involved in sales and customer care.


Day 1


  • Why a sales career?
  • The sales structure
  • What does a professional salesperson do?
  • Difficulty index of different sales Jobs
  • Service and consistency
  • Anticipation
  • Win-Win situation
  • The five basic client needs
  • 7c interaction values
  • Tangibalize the intangible
  • EPS Formula
  • RATER assessment model
  • Customer lifetime value/customer referral value
  • Ghost/mystery shopping
  • Service 9p Marketing Mix, 5I’s
  • One page contact list
  • Preplanning
  • Marketing Research
  • Means to know more your competition
  • Classes of competitors
  • Communication skills


  • Message images 3 V
  • Four types of noise
  • Eye contact: 3I’s
  • Listening skills
  • Jumping to conclusion
  • Failure to check assumptions
  • Sender withholds information
  • I and you messages
  • Semantics and jargon
  • The right questions/SPIN Model
  • Great in person welcomes
  • Telephone skills
  • E-mail techniques
  • Verbal and visual sales support
  • Active sales listening
  • Cooling the customer with “HEAT” and “LEARN”


Day 2


Thorough Review Day 1


  • The Selling Personality


  • Success in relationship selling
  • Traditional selling versus relationship selling
  • Transaction, relationship and partnering with customers
  • Business contact approaches
  • Salesperson relationship strategy
  • Referral, strategic and associate partners
  • Referral sources
  • Team Selling
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Sales relationship triangle
  • The four social styles (Analytical, amiable, driver, expressive)
  • Sales flexing behaviors for different communication styles


  • Sales Effectiveness Drivers


  • Definer Drivers
  • Shaper Drivers
  • Enlightener Drivers
  • Exciter Drivers
  • Controller Drivers


  • Achieving Sales force excellence 3C


  • Consistency
  • Compatibility
  • Consequences


Day 3


Review Day 2

  • Select sales strategies
  • Tactics for increasing sales
  • The structure of a typical sales meeting
  • Customer relationship selling process
  • Prospecting
  • Open, disarm and reason telephone tactics
  • Sales leads/prospects funnel
  • “MAN” Prospecting
  • Prospecting methods that work
  • The prospect’s five mental steps in buying
  • The structure of sales presentations
  • Sales Presentation Mix
  • “LOCATE” uncovering important needs
  • “NASA” Needs and solutions acceptance
  • The SELL Sequence
    • Show feature
    • Explain advantage
    • Lead into Benefit
    • Listen
  • Features/Benefits
    • Trial closes
    • Demonstrations and proofs
    • Bridging sales statements
    • Confirmed benefit selling
    • Psychological description
  • Technical, functional and emotional features/ benefits
  • Sales promotion versus advertising
  • The power of making the first offer
  • Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
  • Development of Reservation Price
  • Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)
  • Anchoring and Framing
  • Value creation through trading
  • Die hard bargainers
  • Presentation
  • Beyond objections: techniques to answer customers’ concerns
  • Negotiation skills:


  • Closing the sale based on different situations

Day 4


Experiential Learning and Action Plan

Cases and Group Presentation

By the end of the action plan, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate customer care competencies in the workplace
  • Provide evidence of achievement in translating training concepts into your company’s reality
  • Describe the challenges of creating a customer centric culture in your organization
  • Identify the next steps to move the organization and yourself forward
  • Wrap Up: Conclusions And Recommendations



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