Openness To Change

by on January 6, 2015
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Objectives and benefits:

This workshop is designed for employees, department heads and supervisors. In general terms,  this workshop will help you:

  • Describe the change process to all people involved and explain the reasons why the changes are occurring. The information should be complete, unbiased, reliable, transparent, and timely.
  • To effectively implement the change while being aligned with organizational objectives, macro-environmental trends, and employee perceptions and feelings.
  • Provide support to employees as they deal with the change, and wherever possible; involve the employees directly in the change process itself.

Day 1:


  • Background


  • The management challenge and the new work place
  • Defining change management?
  • Dimensions of change management
  • Nature of change
  • Types of change
  • Role of the change manager
  • Leaders and change management
  • Partners in change
  • Role of line managers and human resources
  • Organizational challenges
  • Managing in times of changing people and global turbulence
  • Transforming organizations: why firms fail?
  • Successful change and the force that drives it
  • Change management challenges at  – Group work
  • How to overcome these challenges? – Group work


Day 2:


  • Strategic Change Management: A Model for Multiple Roles


  • HR roles in building a highly performing organization
    • Management of strategic HR
    • Defining strategic pressure points
    • Impact of strategic pressure points
    • Strategies for increasing readiness
    • Managing scope and speed
    • Management of organizational infrastructure
    • Management of employee contribution to change management
    • Management of transformation and change
    • Establishing a sense of urgency
    • Creating the guiding coalition
    • Developing a vision and strategy for change
    • Communicating the change
  • Sample activities related to change management


Day 3:


  • Dealing with resistance
  • Leading change initiative


  • Working with stakeholders
  • Why stakeholders resist- resistance to change
  • Understanding stakeholders response
  • Dealing with responses to change
  • Intellectual and emotional responses
  • Empowering employees for broad-based action
  • Generating short-term wins
  • Consolidating gains and producing more change
  • Anchoring new approaches in the culture
  • Implications for the twenty-first century
  • The organization and the future
  • Benchmarking, measuring and evaluating change management results
  • change management skills
  • adaptability
  • strategic focus
  • results focused
  • facilitate collaborative approach and encourage learning
  • communication and change management


Day 4:


  • Participants Action Plan


  • General recommendations and conclusions
  • Case studies
  • Individual action plan presentations


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