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This workshop is designed to help you improve your career and optimize your company’s performance as a team leader and as a manager. This is a pig picture workshop that covers the skills needed for effective and efficient leadership and team building.  It combines tools and techniques to help you master the science and art of team work.  In this intensive workshop you will discover how to use your power and influence to achieve your goals and objectives, build alliances across departments to achieve better results, establish strong working relationships with your colleagues, and create passion in your department, your team and your organization.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for team leaders, middle managers or executives who lead others with managerial responsibility. It will benefit all managers who require strong decision-making skills and the ability to motivate and lead other people.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop you will

  • Strengthen existing knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Identify the fundamental behaviors required of excellent leaders
  • Develop a personal strategy to get the most of people through more appropriate delegation of tasks and control of team members
  • Discover a variety of communication styles to effectively cope with different situations
  • Distinguish the differences between Leadership and Management
  • Be able to assess you own leadership style
  • Be able to asses the leadership styles of your superiors and subordinates
  • Be able to build a leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and guides your entire team toward greater performance and profit
  • Gain insights into the key skills and techniques you need to create a winning strategy
  • Learn how to be a good coach and how to build an effective team that works together to deliver better results
  • Identify the characteristics of effective team leaders
  • Develop an executive leadership style that adapts to different situations and different teams
  • Develop an executive leadership style that adapts to different people
  • Improve performance through empowerment and effective delegation
  • Clearly communicate mission, vision and value statements
  • Build a cohesive unit that performs well in all situations
  • Continue your growth as a leader through a self-development plan
  • Understand Your Emotional Intelligence Strengths and Developmental Needs
  • Draw on a Personal Development Plan for Further Development as a Leader
  • Create an Action Plan to implement tools and techniques learnt

Training Type and Methodology:

Interactive workshop including Power Point Presentation, video projection, discussion, team exercises, case studies, role playing and team presentation.


Day 1


Challenges of 21st Century Teams- Team Roles, Team Dynamics and Leading Teams


  • Taking the Lead
  • Managerial Roles and Competencies
  • The New Work Place
  • Managing in Times of Changing People
  • The Team Concept
  • Matching Types of Team to Tasks
  • Characteristics of High Performing Teams
  • Formal and informal teams
  • The Meaning of leadership
  • Leading in times of changing people
  • Leading in times of turbulence
  • Leadership and Management
  • Principles Of leadership
  • Results-based leadership
  • The Leader of the future
  • Assessing and developing your own leadership style


Day 2


Team Communication


  • Ten Steps to Group Consensus
  • Barriers to Team Building
  • Anxiety of Newly Formed Teams
  • How to Handle the Newly Formed Team
  • Analyze team roles
  • Self-Managed Teams
  • Situational Leadership
  • Enforcing Ground Rules
  • Effective communication strategy for effective teams
  • Build the perfect team- building high performing teams
  • Successful vs. effective team leaders
  • The Leadership Grid
  • Power and leadership
  • Situational leadership
  • Transactional Vs. Transformational Leadership


Day 3


Building High Performing Teams


  • Understand the characteristics within your team
  • Shape the team to be fit for the future
  • Develop team competencies
  • Leading, motivating and directing team excellence
  • Trust in teams
  • Self confidence and initiatives in teams
  • Problem Solving in teams
  • Building Consensus
  • Conflict resolution in teams
  • Identifying Networks and forming Coalitions


Day 4


Experiential Learning and Action Plan

Cases and Group Presentation


By the end of the action plan, you will be able to:


  • Demonstrate Teamwork Competencies in the workplace
  • Provide evidence of achievement in translating training concepts into your company’s reality
  • Describe the challenges of creating change in your organization
  • Identify the next steps to move the organization and yourself forward

Wrap Up: Conclusions And Recommendations


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