Key Performance Indicators

by on January 6, 2015
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The objective of this workshop is to help organizations to clarify objectives, choose the right performance measures and implement them successfully for comprehensive business performance management. More specifically, this workshop will help the participants identify and define the business perspectives used to provide a framework for the performance measures. In addition, participants will learn how to develop a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect the strategic objectives of the business unit within each of the identified business perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal processes, and learning & growth. At the end of the workshop, participants will develop a comprehensive set of performance measures (KPIs).


Any organization, department heads, business units or teams that would like to have their performance measures constructively reviewed for best practices by AMC experts.

Method of Instruction:

Highly interactive and effective method of experiential learning and action plans. A combination of brief lectures, group work, cases, and exercises will be used to reinforce participants’ learning. Practical work and critique sessions will be emphasized.

Day 1:

Session 1      –     A quick overview of the Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Methodology

  • Traditional Fundamental Measurements and key Performance Indicators

Session 2      –     The Principles of Goal Setting: Developing SMART Goals & Objectives for better KPIs

  • Measure Performance Against Goals or KPIs
  • Defining High Quality KPIs for the Organization as a Whole
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators
  • Developing Outcome KPIs
  • Overcoming Problems with the “Balanced Scorecard”
  • Linking KPIs to Strategy and Budgets
  • Linking Scorecards Throughout Your Organization
  • Developing Strategic Performance Measurement
  • Making Performance Appraisals Effective
  • Developing Leading Indicators
  • Setting Targets on KPIs
  • Tracking Results Using Software

Day 2:

Session 1

  • Developing KPIs for Learning and Growth
  • Developing KPIs for Internal Processes
  • Developing KPIs for Customers
  • Developing KPIs for Finance
  • Link performance measures to strategic goals and objectives.
  • Use KPIs for the measurement and evaluation of Performance & productivity
  • Evaluate the feasibility of using the Balanced Scorecard in their organization.

Session 2

  • KPIs Templates
  • Action Plan and Experiential Learning Session

Groups will develop and present KPIs for their Units


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