Conflict Management and Effective Negotiation Skills

by on January 6, 2015
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This workshop covers the Six Steps to Success and shows how to enter a negotiation well positioned to succeed by analyzing the situation in advance, and building a plan that reflects reality. Topics covered include:  Process View of Negotiations, the case for a Systematic, Analyzing the Negotiation Situation, Planning for the Upcoming Negotiations, Establishing Negotiation Goals and Objectives, Strategic Approaches and  Planning for Negotiating Within Teams, Organizing for Effective Negotiation , Gaining and Maintaining Control and Closing Negotiations.


Workshop Objectives


The workshop is designed to build and enhance three core management competencies:


  • Relationship management skill sets essential to the successful development and implementation of negotiated agreements.
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication


More specifically the workshop will explicitly deal with topics such as:


  • Competitiveness with business entities within and outside their regions.
  • How the better management of conflict and strategic relationships can substantively improve efficiency within the firm leading to improvements in revenue generation and profitability.
  • Facing the fact that conflict is inherent to management of a firm.
  • Facilitation of free exchange of ideas to promote and manage change.
  • Succession planning with specific reference to family owned businesses that have hired non-family professional executives.


Training Type:

Interactive workshop including Power Point Presentation, video projection, and case studies.


The Workshop Schedule:


Day 1


  • Key to effective negotiation
  • Negotiation Forms.
  • Identifying Negotiation Opportunities.
  • Determine What Is Negotiable.
  • Transforming Obstacles into Negotiating Opportunities.
  • Improving Perception.
  • Types of Negotiation.
  • Integrative Bargaining.


Day 2:


  • Essentials of Negotiation
  • Key Approaches to Negotiation.
  • Principles of Negotiation.
  • Basic Steps of Negotiation.
  • BATNA.
  • Communication: Key to Effective Negotiating.
  • Planning and Preparing for Negotiation.
  • Negotiation Success Tips. Negotiations in the Middle East:
  • Business Environment.
  • Cultural Factors Affecting Negotiation.
  • How Negotiations Work.
  • How Negotiations Work in Practice.
  • Negotiation and gender


Day 3:


  • The seven pillars of negotiation wisdom
  • Case studies on negotiation
  • Basic attributes of conflict
  • Forms of dispute resolution
  • Dispute resolution processes
  • Good and bad conflict


Day 4:


  • Conflict diagnosis
  • Conflict diagnosis and alternative dispute resolution
  • Themes of conflict resolution
  • Sources of conflict
  • Communication and conflict
  • Conflict identification
  • Constructive and destructive conflict
  • Impediments to resolve the conflict

Alternative dispute resolution processes


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