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by on January 6, 2015



The objective of this course is to help you improve your business report writing skills. It will provide you with an up-to-date, clear and concise guide to writing in today’s business world. Besides, it will give you a better insight on how to write various letters, memos, correspondences, emails and business plan reports.

Apparently, some poor writing techniques stem from a lack of instructions, unclear messages as these cause indeed some misunderstanding or miscommunication between employers and employees. Therefore, taking into consideration all these facts and situations, the course will hopefully add some good value to your knowledge, skills and abilities to better respond to individuals and organizations’ requests and queries.


DAY 1:


 Major Problems Faced in Writing Effective Business Reports                                    


  • Highlighting some causes of poor writing.
  • Gaining control to effectively respond to business requests and messages.
  • Explaining misconceptions about writing.
  • Making your message accessible.
  • Shaping paragraphs and sentences.
  • Editing for language, style and tone.



DAY 2:


 Business Writing Techniques


  • Defining the style of business writing.
  • Writing for special purposes.
  • Explaining the basics for report writing.
  • Reviewing structure and format.


DAY 3:


 Business Writing Practice 


  • Creating clear well written messages.
  • Identifying your writing competencies and assessing your strength and weaknesses.
  • Drafting and organizing sample emails, letters and memos.
  • Practicing how to write a business plan report.


DAY 4:


 Problems Faced in Business Writing & Some Useful Recommendations


  • Describing the problems faced in writing business correspondence and reports.
  • Providing valuable tips about improving your business writing skills and techniques.
  • Highlighting some advice and recommendations.




Action Plan and Experiential Learning Session


  • Delivering Group Presentation (Memos, Letters, Emails, Business Reports & Action Plans).

Giving and receiving feedback about the training course.


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