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by on January 6, 2015
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In today’s world, business demands more than keeping your nose to the grindstone and your ear to the ground. You need business etiquette, savvy and the ability to establish yourself in a credible manner. A lack of business etiquette at the wrong time can damage your career. If you are newly appointed to a management position, or if you interact with people you don’t know on a regular basis, this business etiquette workshop can help you succeed. If you want to enhance and polish your business ethics and image, or if you just want to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the corporate world, this etiquette workshop will allow you to take a quantum leap forward in skill, sophistication, and confidence. Gaining the extra edge in business etiquette has never mattered more than today.

This workshop in Business Etiquette is aimed at empowering business people with the knowledge and skills to conduct themselves in a professional manner amidst clients and colleagues in both the office and social settings.

This training program teaches all forms of business etiquette: dining etiquette, communication etiquette, telephone etiquette, meeting etiquette, tipping etiquette, travel etiquette, email etiquette, voicemail etiquette, business cocktail party etiquette, wardrobe etiquette, and more. It is specifically designed for groups who want to polish their skills and improve their professional image. Information is presented in a humorous and relaxed style that cuts to the heart of today’s etiquette concerns. Trainers use hands-on activities to reinforce learning points.

This workshop will teach participants:

  • The foundation of etiquette – respect for others
  • The elements of a good handshake
  • How to manage business cards
  • Tips on remembering names
  • Ways to make a good first impression
  • The basics of dining etiquette
  • How to communicate properly and politely
  • First impressions and the effect of personal hygiene
  • How to conduct effective meetings

Who should attend?

Public relations employees, hospitality staff and managers, flight attendants, Embassy staff

Day One

Introduction to Business Etiquette

  •  The ABC’s of Etiquette
  •  Understanding the Rules of Etiquette.
  •  Etiquette Lessons from History. The Basis of Etiquette Today.
  •  Developing a Culture of Excellence
  •  The Principles of Exceptional Work Behavior
  •  The Role of Good Manners in Business
  •  Enduring Words

Greeting and Introductions

  •  Guidelines for Receptionists
  •  Making Introductions and Greeting People
  •  Greeting Components
  •  The Protocol of Shaking Hands
  •  Introductions
  •  Introductory Scenarios
  •  Addressing Individuals

Day Two

Communication Etiquette

 Telephone Etiquette

  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  •  Telephone Etiquette
  •  Mastering the Telephone
  •  Answering the Telephone
  •  Active Listening
  •  Putting Callers on Hold
  •  Transferring a Call
  •  Screening Calls
  •  Taking a Message
  •  Voice Mail
  •  Closing the Call
  •  When Making Calls
  •  Handling Rude or Impatient Callers

Internet and Email Etiquette


  • Internet Usage in the Workplace
  •  E-mail Issues
  •  Netiquette
  •  Online Chat Issues
  •  Online Chat Guidelines

Day Three

Meeting and Board Room Protocol

  • Guidelines for Planning a Meeting
  •  Before the Meeting
  •  On the Day of the Meeting
  •  Guidelines for Attending a Meeting
  •  For the Chairperson
  •  For Attendees
  •  For Presenters

Business Attire and Professionalism

  •  Business Style and Professional Image
  •  Dress Codes
  •  Guidelines for Appropriate Business Attire
  •  Grooming for Success
  •  Multi-cultural Dressing

Entertaining Etiquette

  •  Planning a Meal Meeting
  •  Issuing Invitations
  •  Business Meals Basics
  •  Basics of Table Etiquette
  •  Holding & Resting Utensils
  •  Business Dining Etiquette
  •  Multi-cultural Highlights
  •  Specific Food Etiquette Guidelines


 Maintaining Business Relationships.

  •  Conflict Resolution.
  •  Office Romances
  •  Office Politics
  •  Personal Work Space.


  •  Multi-cultural Etiquette
  •  Examples of Cultural Insensitivity
  •  Cultural Differences and their Effects on
  •  Business Etiquette
  •  Cultural Highlights


Experiential Learning and Action Plan


Participants will present and action plan to demonstrate what they gained from this workshop



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