Developing Internal Customer Service

by on January 6, 2015
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Providing exceptional customer service lies at the heart of the mission of many organizations. Internal customer service is the service we provide fellow employees and other departments within our own organizations, as well as our suppliers and anyone else with whom we work to get our jobs done



  • Get closer to your internal customers and their needs
  • Build stronger relationships built on competence and trust
  • Market your department’s services more effectively
  • Manage client expectations and deliver results that add value
  • Play a larger, more strategic role in the organization


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Be able to measure their own function’s degree of customer focus and be able to apply a variety of tactics to get closer to the customer
  • Recognize the power of approaching internal customers in the same way as external customers
  • Be able to apply strategic decision making tools to their own environment
  • Understand the steps in the internal consultancy cycle
  • Recognise the skills required to build effective relationships
  • Be able to plan and run an effective client meeting
  • Understand a variety of methods to solve client problems
  • Be able to develop an internal service level agreement
  • Understand, then have applied the principles of marketing to their own challenges
  • Recognise how to align their department’s plans with the organisation’s strategy and tactics
  • Understand a range of marketing tactics and how these can be applied to improve performance in any work environment


Who should attend?


All managers and staff





Course Content

Day 1

  • Defining Internal Customers- who are they?
  • Internal Customer Service- what it means
  • Development of Internal Customer service Programs
  • Quality Customer Service (QCS)
  • The importance of management support to internal customer service
  • The Changing Nature of Internal Service Department
  • Expectations of service departments
  • Changing the perception of the role of service departments
  • The real requirements of internal customers
  • How to understand the needs of the internal customer
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as perceived by internal customers
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • Getting close to the customer
  • Understanding customer needs and expectations
  • Identifying and segmenting internal customer needs
  • How to conduct customer research


Day 2

Meeting Customer Needs and Expectations

  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • How well do you do?
  • Talking to customers
  • Identifying the important gaps in delivery and expectation
  • Tools and Techniques for Gathering Customer Information
  • Surveys
  • Customer panels and focus groups
  • Stimulating customer response


Day 3

Establishing Winning Relationships

  • Motivating your internal customers
  • ‘Gaining entry’ with key decision-makers
  • Networking for mutual benefit
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Understanding real needs
  • Influencing and managing issues


The Internal Client Meeting

  • Planning and running an effective meeting
  • Getting the right information
  • Questioning and listening for best results
  • Reaching consensus on issues
  • Agreeing what can be done and when
  • Gaining commitment to joint responsibilities


Solving Internal Customer Problems

  • Analysing information collected
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Brainstorming methods
  • Effective decision-making


Ensuring Your Department Strategy Matches The Organisation’s

  • Building a strategic and tactical plan
  • Using a strategic model to ensure alignment
  • Getting agreement from stakeholders
  • Gaining your team’s commitment and energy


Day 4

Case Studies and Exercises

  • Working on a number of case studies
  • A chance to build skills as well as awareness
  • Delegates will be able to raise their own issues and concerns
  • Tools and Techniques for Effective Internal Marketing
  • Developing a distinctive department brand
  • Clarifying and communicating the vision and values for your team
  • Managing perceptions and expectations
  • Establishing the customer promise


Getting Your Plan of Action Together

Working in small groups with tutor guidance, participants will start to prepare the broad outlines of a plan for developing internal relationships and marketing their department within their own organization


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