Balanced Scorecard

by on January 6, 2015

Performance Management: Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard


A 3-day course in performance management skills necessary for implementing and evaluating strategies.

Learning Objectives


BSC analyzes an organization’s overall performance by examining performance in four areas:


  • Financial analysis (example: assess operating costs; return on investment)
  • Customer analysis (example: assess customer satisfaction)
  • Internal business process analysis (example: assess production and innovation)
  • Learning and growth analysis thus measuring management effectiveness (example: measuring employees’ satisfaction and information system performance)



Participants in the course will learn:

  • To help companies face internal and external threats (example; increased competition, demanding customers) by quickly recognizing and resolving potential problems.
  • To expedite more informed decisions.
  • To monitor the organization’s efforts to improve and learn
  • To select and use the right Key performance Indicators
  • To identify and implement the appropriate solutions (initiatives)


Detailed Course Outline


Day 1


  • Introduction, Agenda and Logistics
  • Strategic Planning in Various Industries

Strategic Thinking

Tools for Strategic Thinking

Executive Thinking in Transition

Corporate Performance Paradigms for the 21st Century


  • Five Principles of a Strategy Focused Organization

Principles of a “Strategy- Focused Organization”

Why is the Execution of Strategy So Important?

Barriers to Strategic Implementation

Strategic Management Process and the BSC

Day 2


  • Overview of the Balanced Scorecard Methodology
    • Factors Shaping Creative Strategy Options
    • What is the Balanced Scorecard?
    • Elements of the Balanced Scorecard
      1. Vision
      2. Themes
      3. Perspectives
      4. Objectives
      5. Measures
      6. Targets
      7. Initiatives


  • Balanced Scorecard Strategic Perspectives
  • Defining the Cause-Effect Relationships of the Strategy

BSC Hall of Fame


  • Case Study


Day 3:


  • Guidelines for Building a Balanced Scorecard
  • Before You Start
  • The Big Picture
  • Develop Strategic Themes
  • BSC SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Objectives for Perspectives
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • BSC Performance Owner
  • BSC Coordinator
  • BSC Measure Leader


  • Case Study: Implementing an Institutional BSC


  • Barriers and Challenges

Barriers to Strategy Execution

  • The People barrier
  • The Vision barrier
  • The Management Barrier
  • The resource Barrier
  • Dealing With Change


  • Case Study: The BSC of AUBMC
  • Implementing a Work Unit BSC
  • Roll-out Plan

Close of Day/ Discussion


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