Advanced Supervision Skills

by on January 6, 2015
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This workshop on Advanced Supervisory Skills covers Planning, Organizing, Staffing, and Controlling , Stimulating Individual and Group Performance , Coping with Workplace Dynamics , Motivating Your Employees , Providing Effective Leadership , Communicating Effectively , Supervising Groups and Work Teams , Appraising Employee Performance , Handling Conflict, Employee Discipline, Politics, and Negotiations , Dealing with Change and Innovation , The Supervisor’s Role in Labor Relations .


This workshop aims at specifying and improving the knowledge, principles and methods of work as well as implementing effective directions required for a managerial supervision. In addition, know-how and managerial skills are to be emphasized to achieve a successful supervision.


This workshop includes 12 subjects; each of them is to be discussed in a separate session. The content of the workshop consists of the following:

  1. The supervisor’s role re-visited
  2. Improving communication skills
  3. Staff development and coaching
  4. Managerial leadership
  5. Decision making
  6. Effective delegation
  7. Management of individuals
  8. Management of teams and leading effective teams
  9. Management of meetings
  10. Strategic thinking
  11. Change management
  12. Distinguishable achievements
  13. Reducing the pressures of work
  14. Exercises and cases
  15. Summary and action planning


The workshop schedule:


Day 1


Session 1                  Managerial Leadership

The supervisor’s role re-visited

Improving communication skills

Staff development and coaching



Session 2                  Decision making




Session 3                  Effective delegation



Day 2:


Session 4                  Management of individuals                      




Session 5                  Management of teams and leading effective teams




Session 6                  Management of meetings



Day 3:


Session 7                  Strategic thinking                




Session 8                  Change management

Reducing the pressures of work


Session 9                  Distinguishable achievements


                        Session 10                Experiential learning and Action Plan


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