Sales – Portfolio Management

by on January 6, 2015

Use Time Management Understanding where you spend your time now and how you can use it more efficiently. We will use the Portfolio Management Excel Tool to determine how much resource should be allocated to each. Will also introduce the Sales Funnel tool that helps Sales people make sales more effectively.

Meeting goals and targets are important. Developing long term strategies and a structured Account Management Plan is crucial. When such a plan is lacking, with the existing competition in the market eventually your accounts will either completely or partially be lost to competition. Noting that once you lose a customer, it is much more difficult to get it back than to win it the first time. During the course we will develop a long term retention strategy.

Who Should Attend

Sales People and sales supervisors.

Workshop Topics

  • Managing your time
  • Prioritizing your Customers
  • Characteristics of Accounts
  • Allocation of Resources
  • Lead Management
  • Developing the Sales Funnel tool
  • Achieving Targets with the Sales Funnel

Step 1: Data Gathering

  • Sources of data

Step 2: Establishing Strategic Arena

Step 3: Situation Appraisal

  • Buy sell hierarchy
  • Strategic players
  • Tends
  • Opportunities
  • Strengths & weaknesses

Step 4: Account Strategy

  • Statement charter
  • Focus & Stop investment decisions
  • Revenue targets


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