Building and Leading a High Performance Sales Team

by on January 6, 2015

Problem:  Recruiting, Deadlines, Sales Quotas, Performance Reviews, Sales Calls, Forecasting. Meetings – There’s no question that Sales Management is demanding.


Solution:  Leading a High Performance Sales Team intensive workshop is designed to empower and equip Sales Managers to effectively coach and lead their team to greater levels of measurable sales results.


This intensive, high-impact sales management training program goes way beyond theory or advice. Designed exclusively for busy sales managers it delivers useable, street-smart, real-world proven information and techniques you can implement immediately upon your return.


This workshop will help you to achieve your full potential as a Sales Manager and then give you the tools to maximize the performance of your sales team. You will learn to prevent common Sales Management challenges from occurring such as: poor hiring decisions, low activity level, self-concept challenges, vision and leadership problems and low self motivation. The program was developed by taking the traits of the highly effective sales performers and leaders into a one of kind training designed to accelerate your learning and adoption.

Who Should Attend?

Intended for anyone charged with leading a sales force, this workshop provides both new and experienced sales leaders with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to reach measurable sales growth and long-term improvement in their sales team performance… regardless of size.


Leading a High Performance Sales Team workshop, you will learn:

  •  Myths of Selling – What works and does not work in sales
  •  Principles of 21st Century Sales Methods – Review of sales systems and why the consultative selling method is the system of choice
  • The L.E.A.D.E.R. Executive program – Understanding the principles of Sales Leadership Mastery to improve your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Sales Management Motivational Assessment Interpretation – Each participant will discover what triggers their motivation to action and how to discover what motivates each individual team member
  • How to Get Salespeople to Perform on Their Own using the G.O.A.L. System – You learn how to use the Goal, Outcome, Achievement, Learning G.O.A.L. program for yourself and your team
  • Sales Mapping “The Process of Connecting the Dots and Winning Customers for Life”.  Many Sales Managers have a strong desire to improve their performance and that of their sales teams. However, they lack the necessary systems to follow in order to achieve their goals. You will learn different sales methods developed by well known experts.
  • Art of Strategy – What is strategy and how to use it with your sales team?
  • Presentation Skills – Powerful techniques to engage your buyer
  • Sales Mapping in Action – Using and leading the team in improving your win ratio, shorten the sales cycle and forecast with confidence
  • Sales Meetings – How to lead the meeting to maximize their productivity
  • Teach, Coach or Mentor – Learn the difference and how to match what is needed for each team member
  • How to Effectively Deal with Performance Problems – Techniques you can use to resolve performance issue
  • Hiring Top Sales Performers – Interview questions to ask to determine if they are a Performer or a Pretender



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