Recruiting and Employee Selection

by on December 29, 2014
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Learn everything you need to know about employee selection in this Workshop!

Employee selection is the most important issue in business. Making the wrong hiring decision means throwing away a substantial investment of time and money on recruitment, training and benefits. Study after study has shown that poor employee selection is a costly mistake.

This course will take you step-by-step through the employee selection process, from recruitment through hiring, with actionable advice for improving your interviewing skills and more. Under the careful monitoring of your seminar leader you will practice until you gain the confidence and skills you need.

How You Will Benefit

  • Improve your overall employee selection approach
  • Attract talent through innovative employee recruitment sources
  • Learn how to effectively use telephone screening and other methods to filter out the wrong applicants
  • Practice interviewing techniques to refine and develop your skills as an interviewer—including how to open and close the meeting
  • Understand how to ask the right questions to find out the information you need to know
  • Avoid interview “traps”—EEO and affirmative action

What You Will Cover
Recruitment Challenges

  • Workplace diversity and affirmative action
  • The increasing number of contingent workers
  • Alternative work arrangements

    Recruitment Sources

  • The five primary pre-recruitment considerations
  • Discover benefits and drawbacks for different recruiting sources
  • Strategies to attract special interest groups: new graduates, star performers, homegrown talent, retirees, seasonal employees, part-timers

    Electronic Recruiting

  • Strengths and weaknesses of Internet recruiting
  • Reviewing cyberspace resumes
  • Website considerations
  • Online recruiting guidelines
  • Global Internet recruitment

    Interview Preparation

  • Reviewing job specifications
  • Preparing job descriptions
  • Reviewing applications and resumes
  • Screening applicants by phone
  • Preparing the proper interviewing environment
  • Planning basic questions

    Legal Considerations

  • What you can and can’t ask
  • Understanding federal legislation
  • Record-keeping requirements
  • What to do if you are charged with discrimination
  • Pre-employment questions

    Employment Interview Questioning Techniques

  • The five effective questioning techniques
  • Apply each technique at the proper stage of the interview

    Conducting the Interview

  • Establishing the format
  • Practicing active listening
  • Encouraging applicants to talk
  • Providing information at the proper times
  • When and how to close the interview
  • Team interviewing
  • Interviewing less-than-ideal applicants

    Documenting the Interview

  • What to include and what to avoid
  • Effective and ineffective documentation

    Making the Selection

  • Everything you need to know about all varieties of testing
  • Who uses testing and who doesn’t?
  • Legal implications
  • Reference checking—how to learn information when other companies won’t reveal anything
  • Final selection considerations



Who Should Attend

Professionals with two years or less of experience in hiring, including HR assistants, employment managers, HR specialists and non-practitioners involved in the hiring process


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